DRON ADS | Advertising in the air

CLIENT:  Personal
SERVICE:  Idea, script and direction of advertising TV spot. Storyboard design.

Maqueta propuesta Spot “Comunicación institucional o corporativa.”

DRON ADS “spot tv on air” is a company that offers a service created with mini-drones capable of surprising by showing an advertising spot (in the air) anywhere in the city.
Each mini-drone, driven by its propellers and remotely commanded by a Pilot from the central office, incorporates a digital screen of small dimensions that contains a part of the total image of a TV screen. When all mini-drones screens are joined in the air, grouped as a “squadron” in formation, they form a large joint screen that shows the images of the full advertising spot.
In the story, once the Dron ADS Pilot receives a message and executes the shipment, he realizes that an error has caused one of the mini-drone to be delayed more than the group. This lagged mini-drone will cause some unexpected surprise in the image that will appear on the final screen of the advertising spot. (A wide grin will miss something. A tooth . Exactly the space that should have filled the lagging mini-drone.)
Finally everything is resolved and the gift message of a fictitious brand can be delivered to its recipient.








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