CLIENT: Departament de Salut – Generalitat de Catalunya
WORK: Idea, concept and design of the online interactive application.

Equalitza´t is a gaming focused to young people from 14 to 25 years old that offers an user experience in the prevention and knowledge of risk situations associated with the consumption of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and the new addictions of the 21st century.
The “equalizer” reflects on the screen the effects generated by each risk situation of drug use on the face and facial features of the user while showing the information of what happens in each case.



1. The user includes his photo like background to live the first person experience.
2. The “equalizer” allows you to adjust each of the values, amplifying or attenuating the deformation of the user’s face and showing the effects generated by each risk situation.
3. In each given risk situation, the application proposes the user to equalize, to find a balance between the knowledge of the consequences and negative effects and the responsibility and freedom to decide their consumption.
4. The application also includes information content and knowledge about behaviors and methods to reduce damage related to consumption.






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