Focus 360º

Advertising, branding and visual identity design

From create and design a brand visual identity, a logo restyling, writte a slogan, or design a website, through to develop an online marketing action, create an advertising campaign or a street marketing action.


Advertising campaigns
Print Ads & graphic design
Product launch campaigns
TV Spots
Street marketing actions



Strategy and content management
Written and visual contents develop
SEO Optimization
Corporate and product presentations


Brand Logo design
Corporate visual identity design
Slogan & Naming
Corporate stationery
Brand image restyling



Web, App & Blogs
Custom graphic design
WordPress and web programming
Social Networks & Community Manager
Website management


Actions in public spaces for brand experiences and people interaction
Ephemeral transformation of urban elements
Street marketing actions for product launching and brand promotion



Idea and motivational design of gaming
Digital platform full development
Custom graphic design
Animation and audiovisual production
Advergaming & 
advertising game development


Idea. Emotion.
Impact. Sale.

Pequeña pero matona is an independent advertising Agency based in Barcelona, specialized in advertising, branding and design.

It is, also, the personal portfolio of works and projects developed by Albert Quer in development of ideas and scripts for advertising and marketing campaigns, and graphic design and visual identity for various brands.

We like add value to brands with
ideas that works.

” Be visual and strategic. Find words thinking about images, or vice versa. Express ideas in ink or pixels. We like to find the difference that makes a brand unique. Build emotional bonds with the audience. From empathy. Connect with the wisdom of the consumer and enter in sensitive territory. Touch fiber. Where the real decision power lives. And if we have the opportunity, be disruptive. Bring daring perspectives and take distance from the established. Question the traditional to enhance our difference and communicate a message that distinguishes a brand from the competition. In summary, we like to tell a small story that manages to remain in the consumer’s memory and impact on the business results of each client. “



Bus stop experience Port Aventura, included in the book “Sur les pavés la pub”

The book presents a selection of the best street marketing ideas and campaigns of last 10 years. [.]

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Idea for the Olympic flame lighting | Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Each assistant at the Opening Ceremony can be protagonist and participate in the lighting of the Olympic flame torch. [.]

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Visual identity for “Underwater Gardens” Parks

Creation and design of visual identity for Underwater Gardens Sea emotion theme Parks. [.]

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Looking for (client)

We live in times that everything changes, constantly.

Changes that challenge us to alter the course. Sometimes, to get further, you have to let yourself go. In other ways, incorporate new options. Adapt to the new medium, be moldable. And flow. Like the water. In this way, we can find before searching.
Be water, my lead.

What are you talking about?


Different sizes, sectors and industries.

We work and collaborate with large and small organizations,
from the public and private sectors, local and global, solid brands, SMEs, startups and entrepreneurs.





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